About Us

Growing Ideas and Businesses

Our Mission

Create delightful virtual experiences to help grow ideas and businesses.

Our Philosophy

Getting your virtual project completed shouldn’t be a chore – it should be an opportunity, an adventure!

At Stinson Evolutions, we love to share in the excitement of our clients. Software development is more than just a job for us – it’s a calling, a creative outlet, a way of life. And when we get to help our clients turn their dreams into reality, it’s a chance for us to put our talents to good use, too.

The greatest human achievements are all products of teamwork and cooperation, and software development is no different. By pooling our technical knowledge and insight with the unique business experience and vision of our clients, there’s no limit to what we can create together.

Chris Stinson
Chris Stinson - Founder and C.E.O.
(Coding Expert and Overseer)

Our Core Values

To nurture and grow our client projects and ourselves.

To understand the spirit of a project, not just the technical specifications, and to breathe life into these ideas.

To go that extra mile to help our clients flourish.

To foster a positive atmosphere with kindness and good humour.

To appreciate our client needs with open communication and mutual respect.

To treat each other fairly and seek to make a positive difference in the world through our work.

To continuously push ourselves, striving to improve every day.

To channel our imagination into innovative solutions to complex problems.

To use the best tools for the job, creating flexible products that last.

To be honest and straightforward in everything we do.

To live true and balanced lives, working to improve ourselves every day.

A promise to treat our clients and ourselves with dignity and respect. A commitment to honour the core values above and make them more than just words on a page.